Panchang in Hindu Astrology or Indian vedic astrology is a sort of  Hindu Almanac. Literally it means  “Five Limbs (parts)”. It is an astrological diary that gives useful astrological information required by an astrologer. It is consulted for finding and selecting an appropriate and auspicious time for important occasions, ceremonies or actions like marriage, education, travel, starting new business or project, examination, interview etc. 

So, basically, Panchang is used to  match the current position of planets with the position of planets in a person’s  astrological chart so as to find and if required, to  look ahead to find astrologically good  days and times for that person. It is an ancient method to synchronize our actions with good times so as to reduce obstacles and increase our  chances for success. In other words, it helps in knowing what days and times are good for an individual and which ones may cause problems so as to avoid them. It is clear that Panchang is a helpful and practical use of Indian vedic astrology and with its help, we can know the nature and quality of any day in advance. The belief is that time is an energy having unique qualities which can be reined in for our comprehensive improvement.

Theory behind Panchang : Why follow Panchang

The idea of panchang’s utility is at bottom the ancient belief or the law of nature according to which every action brings an equal and opposite reaction. So, when we act in harmony with our environment, our environment in turn exercise a harmonious influence on us. The fruit of acting in such fashion is the creation of harmony, peace and stability in our lives. Taking into consideration that time is a priceless resource, the knowledge of panchang enables one to understand the quality of a particular moment or time and thereby help one to live in tune with nature or time.